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Transforming Fear to Freedom: Let's Get Real - Chattin' with Catherine
As Catherine Whelan Costen says in her introduction, Ten "has learned as he walks, and he walks his talk...he is unique, but he's not special - and he'll tell you that himself..." Listen to their lively discussion about his books, his intention to fund the people he calls "wisdom professionals," and the fact that every person can do something in this world to help others. This interview really flows - enjoy!
Video Interview 1:11:07

Conscious Evolution Media:
Mind Body and Soul Show

"How to Sponsor Wisdom Professionals." Here you can watch Ten and host Steve Toth discuss various topics, including the need for opening our brains to positive influences and building community.
Video Interview 1:00:16

Talk Story TV
Ten talks with host Julia Widdop about his books, life in a Buddhist temple, and the need to increase wisdom in the world.
Video Interview 22:21

Living Consciously-TV:
Join Ten, host Steve Toth, and the Living Consciously-TV Self Evolution Cast as they discuss "How to Speak Your Own Truth vs. Reacting to External Influences."
Video Discussion 59:11

Conscious Evolution Media:
          Spiritual Evolution Channel
Steve Toth, host of the Mind Body and Soul Internet-TV Show, interviews Ten about his journey as a Fearless Puppy. (Video begins no problem after 3:39 of audio.)
Video Interview 57:47

Conscious Evolution Media:
          The Radical Man
Sensei Grant Kruhly and Coach Steve Toth, hosts of The Radical Man Internet-TV Show, interview Ten Rose, author of Fearless Puppy on the American Road and Reincarnation Through Common Sense.
Video Interview 1:08:38

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