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M&M Question Everything! A Podcast That Doesn't Take Sides. At about 11 minutes in, Ten calls Mark DeBruyne & Matt Peters, and a provocative and entertaining discussion begins. Topics such as wisdom, compassion, meditation, religion, the 60s, the importance of personal experience, drugs, the prison "system"/industry, and how important it is to avoid being swept into the river of common lunacy are all seasoned with Ten's down-to-earth, let's keep it real, bigger-than-life personality. May 24, 2014 Radio Interview

The Author Chat Show with Author/Publisher Lynda D. Brown. Ten and Lynda discuss his books Fearless Puppy on American Road and Reincarnation Through Common Sense. Ten also explains his name, the books' names, and the events and realizations that led up to his writing these books as a funding source for his current project - to fund wisdom professionals. Blog Talk Radio. April 12, 2014
Radio Interview

Ten joins Temp and Dulun in The Harbour for a walk in the light, as they go over meditation, the true you and the ideas of perception. "I noticed after a while that all these things I was working on seemed to have a root cause, and that root cause seemed to be a lack of wisdom in the world. You can be smart, clever, intelligent, crafty, whatever, and step over a homeless person on your way to the country club, and not care if people are hungry, but you can't do that if you've got even just a little bit of wisdom, because Love and Compassion come wrapped in the same skin as wisdom..." - Ten on Truth Frequency Radio. March 20, 2014
Radio Interview

Spiritual Triage with Andi Feinberg and Co-Hostess Mary Canady
"There's no expression that I can't stand more than 'That's just the way it is.' Nothing is just the way it is. Everything is the way it is because somebody either made a conscious decision to do that or made a conscious decision to comply with somebody else's decision about what the way it is is." - Ten on BlogTalkRadio with Andi Feinberg and Co-Hostess Mary Canady. April 14, 2014
Radio Interview

January Jones sharing Success Stories
The brilliant Ms. January Jones, author of the book Thou Shalt Not Whine....The Eleventh Commandment (no, she's not the actress on "Mad Men"!), interviews Ten on her popular show. BlogTalkRadio. March 3, 2014
Radio Interview 49:32

* Fearless Puppy: Transfictional Self-Help with Deep Spiritual Impressions
The Good News Only, Fearless Puppy for Wisdom Teachers, and Only Love projects all in one interview! I hope you have as much fun with it as I did. Why, you ask, is this one of my favorites among 28 years of interviews? A few reasons. The Good News Only show on is hosted by Tanya MacIntyre. She actually did what the whole world needs to do. After working for broadcast media 20 years she decided to go to work promoting happiness and common sense instead of fear and loathing. My friend Zen Monk Bill Murphy joined Tanya and me. His Only Love project, well, what can I say? What the world needs now, is... and Padre Bill certainly has it. It was a privilege for me to be able to hang out with these folks. I'm Ten Rose with the books Reincarnation Through Common Sense and Fearless Puppy on American Road. All author profits sponsor wisdom teachers. Be well. The Good News Only - Tanya MacIntyre. December 12, 2013
Radio Interview (works best in Google Chrome or Firefox browsers)

The Multiple Benefits of Reincarnation
Ten and Spiritual Insights' host Charlotte Spicer discuss his books, his life, his philosophy, and the immediate need for wisdom on the planet. BlogTalkRadio - Charlotte Spicer. November 26, 2013
Radio Interview
(works best in Google Chrome or Firefox browsers)

Reincarnation Through Common Sense
Ten and Spiritual Image Production's host Andrew Aloha discuss Ten's experiences hitchhiking through the U.S., what he did in Southeast Asia, and the importance of supporting the promotion of wisdom and emotional intelligence in a practical and intentional way. BlogTalkRadio - Andrew Aloha. November 17, 2013
Radio Interview
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Reincarnation Through Common Sense
Ten and host Lordiel discuss Ten's unique take on the meaning of life, the need for happiness, and being your self. Out-of-body experience, reincarnation, and compassion take on a whole new meaning. BlogTalkRadio - Ask Lordiel. September 30, 2013
Radio Interview
(works best in Google Chrome or Firefox browsers)

Andi's Energetic Happy Hour & Ten Rose
Here is a wonderful example of the healing power of the deliberate application of an open mind, open heart, and balance. Listen to Ten talk with Andi Feinberg about how and why anyone can make a difference, beginning with having confidence in the process of positive building. BlogTalkRadio - Reflect Radio: Empowering You. June 29, 2013
Radio Interview

Living With Hope: with host Trudy Thomas
This interview is an excellent representation of the concepts Ten presents in his books, including fearlessness, self-manufactured threat, the value of awareness, the difference between pain and suffering, and the reality of our reincarnation with each action. June 24, 2013
Radio Interview

Not Ready for Radio:
The Zen of Ten
Here's a great podcast of Ten speaking with Larry Duane on his online radio show "Not Ready for Radio." May 23, 2013
(Go to the episode catalog and scroll down to
NRFR_046 - The Zen of Ten.)

Blog Talk Radio - The Cyphers Den:
Doug Rose and Open Mic Tues
The entire broadcast of this night's BlogTalkRadio Cyphers Den Internet radio show is about three hours, but the first hour is Ten's interview with JaeQwon, and includes talk about his travels, his work as a youth counselor, and the Giraffe Project, as well as some great music and a Spoken Word piece called in by a member of the radio audience. The Cyphers Den website refers to Ten as "A Philanthropic Author who began hitchhiking in the late 60s as a teen and becoming one of the world's most modest and outstanding people you will come to love." May 21, 2013
Radio Interview

The George Espenlaub Show:
     Live from the Funny Farm

Listen and laugh. An interview with Ten on The George Espenlaub Show - Spreaker Online Radio. March 25, 2013

Doug Rose aka "Ten" Visits The Dash Radio.
Here's a podcast of Ten's interview with Peter Mingils on The Dash Radio. According to The Dash Radio's Alex de Brantes, Ten " described by his friends as innovative, cooperative, a self-starter, compassionate, motivator and selfless. Doug has been able to influence many others to mirror his compassion into other projects...The meaning of The Dash is everything that happens to you in between life and death. Doug has truly set an example of how you can live a simple life and leave a lasting impact, that will continue to be his legacy long after he leaves us behind. Iíve also learned that no matter what condition your life is in, you can still create and do amazing things. We need to rise above our excuses and start doing for others." April 12, 2013

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