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Sample Chapters
Truth or Consequences I
Defeating the Bait-and-Switch
The Neo-Nazis Visit the Hostel
The Lama in Lincoln
The Process


Why are so many people running away from things that aren’t chasing them?


You will meet: a man who is his own uncle, specialists in smoke, mirrors, and invisibility, Buddhist wisdom, Christian ethics, Jewish ritual, lurid sex, family values, oxygen orgasms, heavenly Hell’s Angels, phony preachers, domestic violence, domestic solutions, racist killers in America, Canadian race wars, Native American wise men, angelic witches, benevolent heroin addicts, magical birds, lesbian musicians playing a rock concert for the deaf, the musician raised by a multi-ethnic group of prostitutes, martial artists battling neo-Nazis, and the modern day Robin Hood. All manner of sinners and saints accompany this amazing true story that reads like a fantasy.

from the Foreword—

Why would a 15 year old boy with a New York City native’s knowledge of transportation systems shun both public and private transport and opt to spend the next 35 years hitchhiking throughout North America? Why would anyone bypass the relative ease and safety of bus, train, or a car of his own and open himself to all manner of possible disaster by braving the whims of fate and the moods of passersby? I’ll tell you why.

I have attended 8 different colleges and universities.

I’ve learned more in other people’s cars.

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