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The Big Brain Version of Magic Soup

Good wishes are pointed at everyone who walks into or even walks by her shop.

Her cooking contains the essence of a prayer on your behalf. Spirit and substance blend in a bowl of blessings.

Mrs. Jeng’s good nature is immortal. Hers is a strong and beneficent character. With a concern for you that honestly matches her concern for her self, she floats her comforting demeanor into yours. She relays her personal assurance that everything in the world is fine—just the way it is.

* * *

A new customer comes in. Jeng’s empathy adjusts to take in and be taken in by him while remaining entrained with all present. That empathy is a jigsaw puzzle that keeps reconstructing its own pieces according to the needs of its background. Jeng grasps new ones as she releases old pieces. She never ceases to amaze herself with stability and a lack of surprise as all these changes take place before her eyes. She is never taken aback by the incredible variety of human emotions that can fit in one small dining room, or within one little person. She thrives on how quickly a person can be coaxed from depths to heights.

Mrs. Jeng knows how to attach both roots and wings to flavor, nutrition, and food-as-medicine. What customers can’t see, they can still taste.

Her measuring cups meter volumes of joyful existence as Jeng’s resistance to any negative insistence does not run and needn’t fight. Negativity dissolves as it runs toward her. She just holds her position and blesses opposition with a wish for a better tomorrow. From the great heart within her, she lets everyone borrow.

Jeng is usually so involved with and concerned for a customer or neighbor that her personal existence takes a back seat. This makes her bliss indestructible. What has donated its substance cannot be hurt.

* * *

Describing Mrs. Jeng and why her soup works so well holds the same limitations as speaking about silence.

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