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The Lama in Lincoln

As you’ve already heard too often, I’m not a qualified teacher of anything except English as a second language. I’m not going to try to tell you things that I don’t have the spiritual or intellectual authority to tell you—except for this one thing.

We’re all connected. There is a singular fabric of life that contains everything that is living. This bigger picture is even more real than our little individual ones. We are each a part of one big unit, as surely as and more profoundly than we exist as independent individual humans.

Choose any of the cloth metaphors: cut from the same cloth, threads running between us, woven into the fabric of…They all have truth to them.

There’s a thread that ties you to your mother. There’s a lesser one that ties you to the grocery clerk. You and I have strands connecting. There are other threads—and they may be a lot less visible but believe me, there are other threads—that tie you to every person and living creature on Earth. You have never met most of these people and creatures in the flesh. You never will get to meet most of them. There’s still a connection so true that your wireless provider would do anything to figure out its technology.

There is also a connection between my self and an energy represented by a mythical bird. This energy teaches me how to transmute poisonous experiences into success and benefit. Relative to this, there seems to also be a thread running between my self and some very wise people who can translate what that mystical bird symbolizes into understandable language.

I am by no means alone in enjoying this type of connection. There are very many of us in many different religions, nationalities, and occupations who receive transmissions of such information from our personal teachers. They give us this information within our own familiar languages and frames of reference.

Teachers may vary from Jesus and Buddha to a pony’s ass or an alfalfa sprout. The lesson is actually within the student.
Anything can be a vehicle for education. Frames of reference may be as different as night and day.

The transmissions of information and energy are, nonetheless, the same. The common denominator among people that receive these sorts of transmissions seems to be a similar simple motivation. This is not a dormant motivation. It consistently fosters related action.

If you have a deep inclination to transmute harm into help and be of benefit to others, whether they live next door or on the other side of the world, you will eventually be connected with the sources of energy and information that will assist your effort. Contact with these sources seems to be a matter of continuously asking for it by action as well as word, and then persevering (maintaining your direction, strength of conviction, and determination) until assistance arrives.

In Lincoln, I also saw evidence of a very strong thread running between a Tibetan mystic from India and a legendary teacher of a thousand years ago.

(There may also be a connection running between what we commonly know as time-and-space and a pathway that can detour them, but that’s another story.)

I would disagree with my library research’s opinion that Lama Kunsang Dechen Lingpa Rinpoche is a mere treasure revealer.

The man, himself, is a treasure.

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