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Sample Chapters
The Locks on the Doors
Just a Coincidence
How to Get Your Prayers Answered
Why the Monks and Nuns Are Who They Are
The Big Brain Version of Magic Soup
Would You Rather Be a Finger or Part of a Hand?

Five-Star Review
* Reincarnation Through Common Sense by Doug 'Ten' Rose.
Go to Mina De Caro's blog at Mina's Bookshelf to read her five-star review of Ten's most recent book. Mina's Bookshelf. December 17, 2013

Video Interview (works best in Google Chrome or Firefox browsers)
* Transforming Fear to Freedom: Let's Get Real
- Chattin' with Catherine

As Catherine Whelan Costen says in her introduction, Ten "has learned as he walks, and he walks his talk...he is unique, but he's not special - and he'll tell you that himself..." Listen to their lively discussion about his books, his intention to fund the people he calls "wisdom professionals," and the fact that every person can do something in this world to help others. This interview really flows - enjoy!
Let's Get Real - Chattin' with Catherine - Connecting Hearts & Minds.
December 3, 2013

Radio Interview (works best in Google Chrome or Firefox browsers)
* The Multiple Benefits of Reincarnation

Ten and Spiritual Insights' host Charlotte Spicer share an engaging discussion about his books, his life, his philosophy, and the immediate need for wisdom on the planet.
BlogTalkRadio - Charlotte Spicer. November 26, 2013

Radio Interview (works best in Google Chrome or Firefox browsers)
Ten and BlogTalkRadio host Lordiel discuss Ten's unique take on the meaning of life, the need for happiness, and being your self. Out-of-body experience, reincarnation, and compassion take on a whole new meaning.
BlogTalkRadio - Ask Lordiel. September 30, 2013

Video Interview
Ten talks with Julia Widdop of Talk Story TV about the meanings of "Common Sense" and "Reincarnation" as they relate to wisdom and our own moment by moment rebirth. Talk Story TV features interviews with authors, storytellers, speakers, spiritual seekers and healers weekly.
Talk Story TV. October 19, 2013

NOW AVAILABLE as print AND e-book.
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from the Chapter "The Morning Walk" ó

At daybreak several Monks, Mr. Mee, and I walk together. Sometimes we walk silently, sometimes laughing and joking. Joking in sign and body language often makes the laughter sound louder and last longer than joking in spoken language would.

However light our mood appears, a deeper energy is building toward a much greater gravity. It feels something like those first few songs a band plays to build the atmosphere in a club before people actually start dancing. We walk down the Templeís dirt road into the network of narrow paths that have been carved by machete to connect the village. The paths contain sharp rocks, sticks, and the occasional deadly cobra or scorpion.

Iím the only one wearing shoes.

Excerpt from the Back Cover ó

The rural Buddhist Monks and Nuns of a forest temple in Asia adopt a troubled traveler from Brooklyn, New York. He canít speak the language. No one there speaks English. He is penniless with no ticket home. He is also very hung over, slightly suicidal, amusingly psychotic, and has no intention of studying spiritual discipline. This author is not a theology student! He is nonetheless given access to the ancient roots and spiritual wings of the Wisdom Professionals who rescue him. He redefines life and reports the details to us in a manner so intimate and natural that youíll think you are having coffee on a barstool in the temple with him.

Magic is redefined as objective reality and common sense. Spirit is presented as a functional friend, without the fairy dust. Moods run from adventurous psychosis to enlightened bliss. Writing styles flow from ancient prose through razor sharp modern internal rhyme as the main characterís life flows through death and into reincarnation without ever leaving his body. He describes this process to us in vivid detail and living color.

This down to earth treatment gives a clear view in simple terms of truths we more often see fossilized within rusting symbols beneath stagnant metaphor. Buy and read a copy of Reincarnation Through Common Sense for an experience unique in comedic drama, spirituality, adventure, and sheer creativity.

       It also makes a great multiple-benefit gift!
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